We would like you to see how comforting our office is and feel welcome. Many people are surprised when coming for the first time how big our office is. It is equipped with 8 operatories. 3 of them are used for hygiene, which are used by 2 Registered Dental Hygienists. This allows us to keep the flow going, and make your appointment on time. We know your time is valuable! The other 6 rooms are used for Dr. Paoni to do treatment of many kinds. All rooms are equipped with Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) for anyone who has anxiety with dentistry. With the amount of room in our office, we are lucky to have a large sterilization room, where we sterilize instruments and prepare for procedures. We do work with a quality dental lab that provides a minimum turnaround of 4 days. We do have a Cerec to do in house crowns.  Our office will always welcome New Patients! Feel free to call us with any question about our office.


Our office is equipped with the latest technology. We do all digital x-rays, and electronic record keeping. We use a laser to help with certain procedures, which allows a better result! Our office also has an intraoral camera, which we use to show the patient a close up of the problem area, such as a fracture, or leaking filling.

Recently, we have invested in technology that provides a crown procedure to be a one day process. The new Cerec System scans the tooth for the impression and then that is digitally sent to a milling unit. This unit is in the office and from a block of porcelain your crown is made in 30 min. From there the crown is directly seated onto the patients tooth. No temporary, no second appointment!

 Digital X-ray

Dr. Christopher J. Paoni DDS

Digital X-ray –  Our office is equipped with the latest technology. We take our x-rays digitally which means environmentally friendly (no more film or chemicals), and reduces exposure to radiation. The quality of the x-ray helps us diagnose and provide the patient with the best treatment possible.

 Digital Panorex

Christopher J Paoni DDS

Digital Pano –  Our office just purchased the lastest technology in panorex machines. Being digital allows us to get a better image with minimal radiation. Taking a pano helps us see any abnormal areas, such as cysts, or tumors. It shows the entire mouth, bone levels, sinuses, and TMJ joint. After taking the image we can carefully examine it for wisdom teeth, extra teeth, and or missing teeth.


Christopher J Paoni DDS

Laser –  Using a laser can have many benefits in dentistry. At our office, Dr. will use it to help prep the area around the tooth prior to taking an impression for a crown. This allows for a better fit of the crown. The laser is often used to help canker sores or cold sores heal faster! The laser helps trim tissue where needed.

 Intraoral Camera

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Intraoral Camera – We use an intraoral camera in our office to show the patient a close up view of a certain area in the mouth. It will show a break, or how a filling is leaking. This ensures the patient of what treatment is necessary. It’s a great tool to have in the office, patients love seeing a close up to have the better understanding of what is going on in their mouth!